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Dentists – not to be trusted anymore?

Reading Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay, unfortunately after the horrible fact of having had a tooth extracted needlessly. Dentists = definitely not good stuff. We’ll continue coverage and would love … Continue reading

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This is for NaBloPoMo – January ’13 is ENERGY month!

Because I’ve signed up for January and it’s already Jan 5 so — here we go! ENERGY!!  I’m sure I have a good image for it somewhere — which I … Continue reading

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In memoriam

This is our placeholder – and a great reminder on why writing can be rewarding, not just a late night chore… we copied this from our colleague, blogger Amber Kelly-Anderson.

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What We Learned From Women’s Magazines Cont’d

So what’s the 10-day detox?  The good news from UCLA researchers is that a simple program can rev up fat burning, flush trapped fluids, and help cravings fade away.  This … Continue reading

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(Almost) Everything We Needed To Know We Learned From Women’s Magazines

Yes yes — we are devotees of women’s magazines.  Rain or shine, happy or sad — we always thought we’d find the truth hidden within their pages.  We don’t buy … Continue reading

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Inspiration Sunday: HBO’s The Weight of the Nation

We thought we knew pretty much all there is to know… This weekend we’re blown away by the four films and additional myriad content that’s on HBO’s website for this … Continue reading

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It’s Back to School Day – and we’re back!!

Wow!  How did summer fly by? So here we are, September 1st, traditionally the first day of school — but we’ll get to that later. Great time to set intentions … Continue reading

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