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Ani Phyo’s 15-lbs in15-Days Review: Phase 1, 2 – Repeat, Recap and Poll

By Colin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s Saturday and it’s time for a recap –

We kinda fell out of step in the past week.  The four of us are no longer on the same page, or the same day in this case.  Mary B and Mary S stuck to the Phase 1 / Phase 2 Repeat and experienced a 9 and 11 lbs weight loss, respectively.  Mary S soldiered on without veering left or right from Ani’s plan (which Ani says will bring the best results), and is super happy with the outcome.  Mary B struggled in the evenings, and here and there added a bite of (heaven forgive us) bread.  However, 9 lbs is awesome and both started Phase 3 yesterday.

Mary B, determined to succeed in the threepeat, trolled the nets and found Raw Chef Chaya Ryvka’s recipe for Raw Onion Bread (our somewhat modified take on her recipe is below).  Chef Chaya was instructor of the month at one of our favorite hangouts, Café Gratitude.

Our two other participants whose names shall remain in our hearts had too many outside distractions, and after starting over a couple of times, dropped it and will restart with Phase 1 again on in a few days.  We know they can make it!

We’re all very happy with the plan all in all.  It’s nourishing, and super filling — we were not hungry, that’s for sure.  But all habits die hard (see bread), as do addictions to sugar and wheat.  And coffee.

It’s all good!  The main thing is to stop, breathe, regroup and continue.  Keep calm and juice on!

Today we added rating widgets to all the recipes — if you’ve tried any and are so inclined, you can now go back and rate them between 1 (Awful) and 5 (Excellent).

What else?  Oh yeah — we’re getting ready to wrap up Ani’s book, and would love your input about which book to review next.  Starting tomorrow June 10 and for the following ten days, you’ll see a poll here.  We wanted to have a little giveaway, but a legal friend advised us to look into the, well, legal requirements of even a friendly little raffle.  So we’ve put that on hold and we apologize.  We’ll revisit that at a later date.  If you think giveaways are cheesy, you can let us know that, too.  🙂

We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and we’ll be here again tomorrow.  All the best!

NBGS puts a twist on Chef Chaya’s Raw Onion Bread (if you want to compare to the original, click here)

Raw Onion Bread

2.5 medium sized organic yellow onions, chopped
½ – 1 cup organic sunflower seeds, soaked overnight and thoroughly washed/de-hulled
¼ – ½ cup organic, cold pressed olive oil
1.5 – 3 oz organic Nama Shoyu
2 tbsp organic, Grade B maple syrup (if using very sweet onions, modify)

Process all ingredients until well ground.  The measurements give a wide berth for consistency and individual taste.

Add:  1 cup organic shelled Hempseed

Pulse to incorporate.

From here on the instructions proceed into using a dehydrator which Mary doesn’t have, but her oven’s pilot keeps the oven’s interior at around 100 degrees.  “About an hour before I start, I turn the oven on to 125 and let it heat up for about 20 minutes.  Then I turn it off and let it cool down some, to 115 degrees or so.  I put a little olive oil on my hands and spread the mixture on parchment paper which I then lift carefully and place on the oven’s racks.  I put those in the oven for a few hours, then turn over for a few more hours, or overnight, depending on how dry I want them to be.”  Thus spake Mary.

Okay, we know we’re going a little overboard with these.  But they are fun, at least for us!


2 comments on “Ani Phyo’s 15-lbs in15-Days Review: Phase 1, 2 – Repeat, Recap and Poll

  1. Rosie

    I’m on day 2 of phase 1. Day 1 was good, but for some reason I was hungry (though I think it was toxic hunger) and super cranky last night. What I’m looking forward to more than anything is to be able to “reboot” my tastebuds so maybe I’ll stop craving all of the bad stuff so much! I’m following the program exactly, except that I don’t have miso (I’m using sea salt). I noticed that later recipes call for unpasteurized sauerkraut, so I’m fermenting my own. It’s my first experiment in making sauerkraut! I’m also blogging my journey through the program.

    • nothingbutgoodstuff

      Rosie, you’re awesome! Thank you for reaching out — and blogging your experience. We find so much support in the web community, it really helps to write about your experience (we haven’t posted Ani’s journal questions, but find them incredibly helpful to staying on track). We have so much respect for your running — if you could do that, you can do anything.. We’re just bouncing along on our Bellicon, but it’s all good! Keep writing and renewing, and we’d love to hear how that sauerkraut comes out 🙂

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