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We’re jumping for joy – and for weight loss!

Hi Everybody!

Just a short note tonight – it’s June, and NaBloPoMo’s theme for June is Jumping — well, more like bouncing for us; you already know that We ♥ Our Bellicon!

Trying to keep up with both our book review — which we will complete, never worry — and our blogging community.  They tie up beautifully this month — the Bellicon is a wonderful aid to weight loss.  There are lots of testimonials on Sylvia’s website, QiBounding.

So this is just a short entry to dip our toe in June — it’s been hectic here on the homefront, lots to do this weekend; we may report on our search for vacuum cleaners.  Yes, mundane, but oh so necessary.

Please bear with us – we’ll return to Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast Review June 3rd.

Good night and good luck!


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