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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat-Blast Review: Week 1 Recap

… and why we recommend purchasing a copy of Ani’s book 

So here we are, having completed the first seven days.  If you remember from previous posts, Ani recommends that if we have more than 15 lbs to lose, we repeat Phase 1 and Phase 2 at this point.  Four of us started this, and we made a collective decision to repeat the first and second phases, each for different reasons.  One we all shared is that the shakes and soups of the first three days were so filling, we really only managed to enjoy one sweet and one savory each day.  So we’re looking forward to trying the combinations we haven’t tried.  If you’ve been following us and are ready to embark on Phase 3, we will continue covering that in the next day or two.

We all lost about 4 lbs on average, and felt a wonderful spike in energy.  We all commented that our heads felt clearer, and we enjoyed a light, clean sense of well-being that we couldn’t quite find the words to describe.   If you’ve tried the program, we’d love to hear your results — and so would Ani: look up her facebook page.

Reader Robin was kind enough to leave a comment the other day, that she is new to raw foods and finds our posts useful.  This is another reason why we once again wanted to suggest that you purchase a copy of the book.  We started out with the Amazon Cloud Reader version, but just ordered the paper version because it works better when actually preparing foods in the kitchen, and we can scribble notes and leave dainty strawberry stains on our favorite pages.

More importantly, it’s a veritable encyclopedia of big and small tracts and bits of information, explanation, and good advice in general.  It’s just a great reference book to keep on hand. In fact, all Ani’s Books are great.

Ani Phyo, Raw Chef and Author

Ani Phyo, Raw Chef and Author

We invite you to join us for the repeat phase, but for those of you who are going ahead, we’ll resume reviewing the second week tomorrow or the next day.  We’ll do our best to get it to you asap.


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