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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat-Blast Review: Phase 1, Day 1

… in which we go to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market and start our Day 1 of Phase 1.

“We’ve all managed to accumulate crud in our bodies that’s blocking the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, weighs us down with excess body fat, or deprives us of our energy.”  That’s Ani’s reasoning behind the 3-day liquid phase.

What we’ll have for the next three days are shakes and soups, two sweet and two savory, five to six times throughout the day.  “Drink as much as you need of these to feel satisfied,” Ani says.  “The shakes were carefully constructed to give you plenty of water, fiber, and a careful balance of fat-burning fats.”  Blending them in effect chews the foods for us, and gives the digestive tract a bit of a rest and an opportunity to rejuvenate some.  In Phase 2, we’ll resume chewing our food a little, too.

This is how we’ll move:  Ani says “the diet is effective without exercise, but we both know that you can’t be truly healthy if you sit on your bum all day. All you need is a brisk daily 20-minute walk to get your blood circulating and your heart pumping. Stretching is also beneficial; it will keep healthy oxygen flowing to all the cells in your body to help jettison deeply lodged fat and toxins out of your system. Saunas are a great thing to do during this phase, as well, if you have access to one.”

We walk a fair amount, but for all around exercise and after a lot of research settled on the Bellicon rebounder.  We’re jumping for joy!

(November, 2012) It’s time to move on, and we’re revamping the pages to remove most of Ani’s recipes, as we encourage you to purchase the original for your personal library — it’s a keeper! We’ve left the ratings to give you an idea of how others liked them, as well as some comments that we made about our personal substitutions or other tweaks. Check out Day 1 of Phase 3 for a sample day with recipes. To find all these recipes and the entire 15-day plan, please look up Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier . . . Super Fast, published May 1, 2012, by Da Capo Press.

Here is what we’re having today:


BREAKFAST:  Blueberry Blast

We used Nutiva’s organic white chia seed in place of Ani’s flax meal and other options.  As the chia gels, the smoothie will gain the consistency of pudding, and can be eaten with a spoon.  

Did you enjoy this shake?

SNACK:  Pineapple Green Shake

And what did you think about this one?

LUNCH:  Spicy Bok Choy Soup

SNACK:  Shake or Soup

DINNER:  Tomato Bisque

“Recent research suggests that tomatoes, besides being a good source of fiber and lycopene, also help regulate the hormone ghrelin, one of the hormonal messengers responsible for telling us that we’re full.”  How lucky are we that Ani is researching current research?

And the final recipe for today — how would you rate it?

SNACK:  Leftover soup (optional)


TIP FROM ANI:: “keep berries, peeled bananas, and chunks of pineapple in the freezer to use in smoothies. This eliminates the need for ice and makes the smoothies cool and yummy.”

Ani’s book is full of useful tips – give it a look-see!

Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast

Best Price $13.99

We’ve arranged our personal list for the staples and phase 1 in a pdf you can print out and scribble on as you go shopping:  Staples & Phase 1

Will Ani’s plan work for us?  Will we get the results she says are possible (15 lbs in 15 days)?  The journey begins!  We’re excited to find out.

As you progress through the program, leave us a comment and let us know how you’re doing!  We’ll report on our success in the upcoming days.


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