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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat-Blast Kick-Ass Plan Review: Chapter 3!!!


Honestly this should be a separate booklet.

This chapter focuses on four unique weight-loss tools which, taken together, will help you shed unwanted pounds and unhealthy fat.  They are:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Prebiotics
  3. MCFAs (and other EFAs)
  4. Thermogenic Foods

What follows is a series of 101s: it really is the most wonderfully lucid explanation for why they’re so fabulous, and once again we suggest you purchase Ani’s book because it’s some darn useful info.

If you’d like, the link below will transport you to Amazon where you can purchase a paperly or cloudly copy.  The cloud rocks!  (All hail Marc Benioff..)  And the Amazon Cloud Reader is how we’re reading the book, sitting under an uncut tree.  Really, tree-pulp paper is such a waste when we can all be using Hemp paper and products.

Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast

Best Price $13.99

Still, according to Ani is, “really all you have to do is reap the benefits — by enjoying the recipes.”

As we’ve mentioned once or twice before she likens the nutritional elements we consume to rocket fuel (oh we get it now – rockets::blast, okay), “only chosen for the plan after an extensive review of the most current research on nutrition and weight loss.”  And the four rocket fuel sources we’ll enjoy are the four mentioned above.


We’ll skip Probiotics 101 and head straight to some good sources of probiotics: sauerkraut and kimchee, kombucha and kefir, and unpasteurized miso or apple cider vinegar—pretty much all fermented foods.  And chocolate!  Be still our hearts!


Next we’re in for an unfolding mystery — “Prebiotics are a little trickier to understand; even scientists are still searching to define what exactly they are and how to classify them correctly.”  Here Ani explains it all in some detail, and talks about foods that are both Pre- and Probiotic, we may cover that later on this month but until then, some foods on this list are

  • Asparagus
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Garlic, onion, leeks
  • Greens: spinach, collards, chard, kale, mustard
  • Jicama
  • Tomatoes

MCFAs and other EFAs – Medium-Chain Fatty Acids and Essential Fatty Acids

The third fuel in our rocket bag are MCFAs and other EFAs – these, says Ani and pretty much everyone else, are fats that fight fats.  Can life get any better?  The very short version is that researchers believe that MCFAs, also referred to as MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) fight obesity “by keeping body fat from accumulating and suppressing weight gain,” writes Ani.

Other fatty acids highlighted on the plan are MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) and omega-3s, “because of their weight loss benefits. Studies have shown that substituting MUFAs for saturated fats improves insulin levels and blood sugar—particularly helpful for type 2 diabetics. Omega-3s, as we mentioned earlier, are great for brain health, but did you know that they also stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate metabolism and weight? Ditching saturated fats and processed garbage..” – Processed Garbage, we love that!

Here are some examples:

MCFAs:  Coconut milk, Coconut oil, Palm kernel oil

MUFAs:  Avocados, Nuts, Seeds, Olive oil

Omega-3s:  Ani’s into flax and soy, but we say give us Hemp or give us estrosoy!  Walnuts are cool too.

At this point Ani waxes poetic about coconut oil, which everyone should.  Great, great stuff and we’ll devote at least one detailed blog to cocoil, as we like to call it (no allusions to WB Yeats).

Thermogenic Foods

“We know the drill: If you burn more calories, you should lose more weight.  But how about this one: Eat the right foods, and they will actually accelerate your metabolism.  You can eat them for great health and for their calorie burn.”

There actually are fat-burning foods. Who knew?  (Ok, Ani did).  “They are metabolically active, functional foods (have a positive effect on health) that can aid in weight loss. These foods, just by being their own fabulous selves, actually increase the number of calories you expend, and you don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy this benefit.”  Nuff said.

At this point Ani covers chile peppers, miso, and green tea, and we’ll devote separate posts to these later on.  Perhaps while we’re on the plan and need more motivation and to remember why we’re doing this.  The foods included in Ani’s plan all deserve their own books.

That’s it for tonight, see you tomorrow!


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