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Twofer Wednesday – the amazing Bellicon!

We ♥ Our Bellicon!

The most fun you can have on two – or four – legs 🙂

This is the 39″ model with static legs.  Sylvia of  QiBounding.com  has a ton of information, videos, cool stuff about why bounce.  But mostly, because it’s just so much fun!  We’ll post updates as warranted.

Update 2015: The good folks at Bellicon allowed us an upgrade to the 42″ model, which adds more real estate for crunches (and the cat).  They’re also available on Amazon.

[This is an extra post for today since last night’s was so scant..]


2 comments on “Twofer Wednesday – the amazing Bellicon!

  1. I just really want to hug that kitty! It’s so fluffy!

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