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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat-Blast Kick-Ass Plan Review: Chapter 2 Cont’d

Chapter 2 – Motivation!

So chapter 2 is all about motivation to taking the plunge.  She makes the ever so enticing promise of increased “stamina, endurance, mental clarity, focus and productivity – all the things I have in abundance since I began eating this way.”  Here are the bonuses of the plan, according to Ani:

  • Weight loss. This, she says, is the most successful plan she knows.  Here she plugs some of the usual suspects, Angela Stokes of RawReform.com, and Philip McCluskey of the eponymous website.  At one time he weighed 400 lbs!  Now that’s inspiring.  He began eating raw and lost 215 lbs.  Plant-based diets are the healthiest around, she says, and refers us to Dr Esselstyn, his website and books.  He was also featured in another motivational piece of food work, Knives over Forks.

As an aside here she lists Philip’s top five weight-loss tips:

  1. WATER!  We are hooked on water.  Drink daily, lots of.  That’s at least what we like.
  2. GREENS – also high water content greens like cucumbers, celery, and leafy greens – and be sure to include a green juice or green smoothie at least once a day.  Here at NBGS we grow wheatgrass and drink a couple of ounces daily and we love every sip.
  3. EXERCISE – of course – and we’ve followed Truth Calkins’ recommendations and got ourselves the coolest rebounder (aka mini-trampoline) in the world!  Sylvia of  QiBounding.com  has a ton of information, videos, cool stuff about why bounce.  But mostly, because it’s just so much fun!  We’re bouncing for joy!©
  4. ATTITUDE – adopt an attitude of gratitude; sounds clichaic but  it’s so true.  Ani says to    be positive, do things that make you laugh (and love), affirm positively, discover innocently. Even the Budha said we are to enjoy what life has to offer, so there!  Have fun, see point 3 above and bounce for joy!©  If it looks like we’re bouncing about it way too much, well, it’s because spring is just a million times better when you’re bobbing up and down on your rebounder in the fresh air.  But  we digress.
  5. BREATHING – oh yes please don’t stop!  Ani suggests that we “stay present and in the moment; let go of all worry and fear. Breathe into your power and know that you are unstoppable.”  We’ll take a half-dozen of that!
  • Build muscle mass. While the Fat Blast diet does not require exercise to work (which is good news on the accessibility front), of course Ani doesn’t recommend a sedentary life.  And no, we don’t need meet to get protein – look at the gorilla.  “All plants contain protein, and eating a wide variety provides [our bodies] with what [they need] to maintain optimal health.”  More about that later.

As another aside here she lists Robert Cheeke’s top five muscle-building tips:

  1. EAT UP !
  2. BE DENSE..  (nutrient-wise)
  3. FIND YOUR PURPOSE – have we mentioned bouncing for joy!© yet?  But seriously, this is about having a meaningful reason for building muscles.  We just want to be strong and healthy.
  4. KEEP. IT. CONSISTENT.  That about sums up everything you want to do in life pretty much.
  5. PRACTICE COMPOUND MOVES.  Umm, like bouncing for joy!©  with little hand-weights.  It is so, so cool.

Thank you, gentle reader, for your patience and support.  We will have more bonus points and sidebars tomorrow, and move on to Chapter 3 a day or two later.  Bliss out.


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