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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat-Blast Kick-Ass Plan Review: Intro 6

Throughout the book, Ani has little icons for tips and tidbits.  The first is about apple cider vinegar, citing animal studies about the beneficial effects of consuming ACV on elevated cholesterol and glucose contro, as well as it being a good source of potassium and calcium (for heart function, and strong bones and weight-control).  She adds that it is fermented, hence a good source of probiotics and those, she says, make short work of belly fat.  Last but not least, other benefits include the use of ACV for sunburn reliever.

Next she goes to discuss the dangers in boxed food – food that is processed and packaged.  With raw foods you know what you’re getting, as does your body, which doesn’t really comprehend fake foods.  And by fake foods she means things like MSG, hydrolyzed everything, and hydrogenated fats.  So it becomes a question of what message do we want to convey to our bodies.  Any additive is an unnecessary additive, bottom line.  She asks that we consider this: all the money spent on processing, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, advertising and distributing these “foods” come at an expense: we’re getting shortchanged on the actual whole food.  I often look at how cheap supermarket food really is, and clearly the cost of food in a prepared frozen dinner, for example, is minimal; it’s scary to consider the quality of food that goes into a frozen dinner that costs two bucks.

Moving right along — Ani continues to dispense raw truths.  She makes the argument that if one hates cooking, wouldn’t they choose raw anyway.  Honestly we consider preparing raw foods as involved as cooking; and if you’re just warming up leftovers, it’s far less work than peeling and chopping and blending and juicing and soaking etc etc.  HOWEVER!  The main reason to eat raw is for health, and hopefully eating raw will generate enough energy in these tired bods to take pleasure in preparing the foods.

So here are the 10 Raw Truths according to Ani:

  1. The food tastes delicious (just wait for the desert menus!  To die for.)
  2. You eat a truckload of foods.  The fabulous thing about eating raw is that you don’t need to starve yourself.  That scores big with the munchie crowds!
  3. The food is actually easier to make. Here she actually  makes a great point, that if you’re not cooking cleanup is a cinch – no dried, baked, greasy remains on utensils.  Rinse and you’re done.  Pretty much..
  4. Food is faster to prepare.  She promises meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare.
  5. Real food is cheaper, and more eco-nomical [sic].  Especially when you factor in cosmetics and cosmetic surgery!  Yes, beauty begins from the inside.  Seriously, though, we’ve been buying organic for years and it does actually end up costing less than supermarket crap.
  6. You will be bloat-free.  Now that’s some good news!  Ani expands: dairy, wheat, gluten, refined sugar and animal products are common allergens, which means eating these will result in inflammation or swelling.  Ani also avoids legumes and cautions to never eat raw legumes, as they are toxic: eat only cooked legumes.  This not only means avoiding the bloaty foods, but embracing the bloat-fighters: probiotics, fermented foods, ginger and pineapple, among others.  She relates her story of losing 15 lbs the first month she ate raw; she filled up on water and fiber, and let go of stored toxins and fat, which shrank her fat cells.  How easy and logical.  And her promise: the desserts she’s created will actually help us lose more weight.  Awesomeness, sheer awesomeness.
  7. Raw food is easier to digest.  This in part due to not eating the common allergens and all animals products on this plan.  No sandwiches, alas.
  8. Calories ≠ energy !  It’s the old quantity vs quality thing.  Fake foods give you a short rush and long down, and make us fatter and less happy.
  9. Real food is friendlier and healthier.  It’s also animal friendly and cruelty free!
  10. It’s our diet – we are in control.  Though she strongly recommends that we follow the 15-day plan exactly as she’s written it, and that’s what we will attempt to do.  Be realistic, but own your diet.

Up next: Chapter 2!


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