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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Kick-Ass Plan Book Review: Intro 5

All right, here we go again.  We will read this book all the way through, linearly, no skipping, even though this is getting a little tedious and repetitive, and there’s not much to summarize.  Environmental circumstance indicate that I will not be starting the actual plan until May 16th (sorry folks, I thought I would begin around the tenth but too many deadlines are not a good combination to starting a strict program).

Also, this is about as fast as I read these days — I saw a quote from Frank Warren (creator and curator of postsecret) and to paraphrase, the one thing I miss most that depression took away from me was books.  Reading had become a mountain to climb where it had never been that before, and I find listening to audiobooks infinitely easier than finding the peace of mind to sit down and lose myself in a book.  But that’s for another blog (madpathfinder.org, which is down at the moment but will be active again around the end of May or early June).

Anyhoo, Ani’s concept is plant-based, whole, fresh, and uncooked.

She goes on to define Raw pretty much like everyone else does, but puts her own twist on it: yet before we get to it we have to read a couple of paragraphs of pep: “…gorgeous skin, a lean body, and peak physical and mental performance.  If you join me on this journey, your food might not be hot, but you will be!” (Granted, she is.)  She makes an allowance for a high speed blender (sorry for skipping over the heating/processing foods part; it’s all over the net, ad nauseam; if you’re into nutrition you know about it already; if not, look up “raw” from some reputable sources – David Wolfe is one of my favorites.  I know, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but by and large he offers good information, lots of free videos and audios on his various websites.

Back to Ani’s raw rules:  “fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and I avoid legumes, grains, gluten, and animal products.  If heating foods, as in dehydrating, I keep my ingreidnets below 104 degrees.”

As a confirmed Permie, I will quote this:  “Eating and living raw is much more than just a diet.  It’s a lifestyle that helps us tread lightly on our planet..”.

She notes that she is no longer the militant 100% raw she once was.  She will warm up a blended soup when it’s cold, knowing that at least she’s eating clean, toxic free food that did not come out of a can or a box (yucky, they all taste yucky.)  A temp test for gently heating is the finger test – as soon as your soup is warm to the touch, which is again about 104° according to the An-meister.  Be careful though!  Maybe it’s better to keep a food thermometer handy.

Alrighty then.  That’s probably enough for today, we’ll continue coverage of raw according to Ani in the next installment.


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