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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Kick-Ass Plan Book Review: Intro 4

Continuing from two days ago: Ani’s mission and what’s in it for the reader:

Ani states her mission as “to show everyone how easy, fast, and economical it can be to enjoy delicious, healthy, fresh food and live a healthy lifestyle.”  I have to concur:  it is far cheaper and healthier to buy good ingredients and prepare foods at home.

She describes the great results people have had by following her past books and looks to assuage people’s concerns about a raw diet.  “It’s simple;” she says; “just think of this as a fresh, whole foods diet.”  On this plan, she says, people have lost anywhere between 5 and 80 lbs in three days to a year, and keeping it off with the effects of a wholesome diet: clear skin, energy, vitality and productivity.  Here’s to looking, feeling, and acting younger!  Unless you’re young yourself, but learning solid nutrition principles is good at any age.

But – she cautions to use moderation and does not advocate any extreme.  Being perfect, se says, is just too stressful.  Practically what this means is paying close attention to ow you feel as a response to each type of food, and keeping records.  Or you may just discover that what you thought was feeling great is nothing in comparison with how you’ll feel on this plan.  Take change in small increments, and build on daily achievements.

Tomorrow we start with Part 1, Chapter 1.  Cheers, y’all.


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