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As promised – Scrumptious Spelt (and Nutiva’s Chia, Hemp, Coconut) Pancakes

Scrumptious Spelt Pancakes w/Nutiva’s Chia, Hemp & Coconut Oil

We’re taking a one day break from Ani’s book, in case you want to try these on Sunday but need to get the ingredients on Saturday.

We’ve been perfecting this recipe for a while and it’s pretty much there.  The quantities are according to our collective taste — feel free to mix it up according to yours.  Sure hope you like it — if you don’t, be kind!  And if you like if well enough to repost, we wouldn’t mind getting some credit..

So far we do not have a photo since these get gobbled up as soon as they’re made (and warnings about how hot they are straight off the pan have deterred no one as yet).  Instead we’ll post our affiliate link in the spirit of full disclosure but also because we are huge fans of

When we’re feeling particularly nutty, we smear some of Nutiva’s Coconut Manna  on top … (the rest of the time we just consume Manna with a spoon, straight up).  When we’re feeling tropical, we’ll have these pancakes with a nice fat slice of (organic) pineapple.

Anyway, enough intro, here’s the recipe already:

Please Note that spelt is neither gluten-free nor wheat-free.  

For more information, please consult your alternative health care practitioners.  You can read a quick description and some options for non-allergenic flours here:  http://www.foodallergy.org/page/wheat-allergy

Awesome white or dark Chia in bulk is available in Nutiva’s online store:


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