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Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Kick-Ass Plan Book Review: Intro 3

The introduction to the book covers the three phases of the 15-day plan: shakes and smoothies, to clean and detox; meltdown, which focuses on prebiotics, probiotics and medium chain fatty acids; and the final stage of meals and recipes which contain all four categories mentioned earlier.  These planned meals are designed to work synergistically.

After the 15 days, Ani details a maintenance plan, and a next stage: “further maximize endurance, build muscle and power, and even increase flexibility.”

The rest of the first part (it’s hard to tell chapters on an e-reader, eh?) is all about Ani’s background and education, and how she came to eat raw food and do what she does.  We actually remember how a few years ago, upon first seeing a food book by her, we thought, didn’t she write a web design book?  Which she did – here’s a link to all of Ani’s book currently available on Amazon, and to the Wikipedia entry about her..

If this review seems to be moving a little slowly so far, fret not:  it will speed up.  Reading it as we go, we only manage medium-sized chunks every night.  We may skimp on the prose, but will include the nuts and bolts – the nitty gritty – the stuff that matters.  Also, we will post our yummy vegan spelt pancakes for Sunday, since we will begin the 15-day program a few days later.

Up next: Day 4, Ani’s mission and what’s in it for the reader.


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