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30 Food Films : No. 2 : Marc Singer’s “Dark Days”

Not exactly a food movie, but a fair amount about food as it is eaten underground, in the tunnels of New York’s transit system – tonight I watched Dark Days (2000) UR:

Documentarian Marc Singer trains his camera on a group of homeless people who live in an abandoned New York City railroad tunnel. At night, they retreat underground, where they have a sense of community that many surface dwellers would envy.

The blurbs I just copy from Netflix, by the way, since that’s where I usually watch streaming movies.  I’ll point out when it’s from another source.

This blurb is honestly too sketchy; it’s a very well made documentary, raw and excellent in giving the viewer answers to questions that come up when watching this – what brought them to this lifestyle.

ps – this post earned my my 50th post gold star from WordPress, and the following quote:

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”— Gustave Flaubert


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