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Bullying in the Workplace

Picking up the pen again, slowly —   This is the first post since January 14, 2014 – one week and two years ago. I wasn’t keeping track of dates … Continue reading

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While we’re on hiatus … wanna play with the dog?

Throw her a bone, or the red ball — click on the arrows and see what happens.

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The Tiny House Directory

We love tiny homes and this is where we will collect information that teaches and inspires us to pursue the dream reality. Today we watched this one:   We just found … Continue reading

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It’s Hemp History Week!

Visit HHW’s website for lots of info, events, and other ways to support legislation to grow industrial hemp in the US — it’s good for us, and great for the … Continue reading

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3 Easy Things We Can Do to Support Denver Urban Homesteading in Trademark Court!

“The terms urban homestead and urban homesteading are generic and widely used; they should not be the exclusive property of a single, privately-owned corporation. USPTO, please cancel the trademark.” Do … Continue reading

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Here in Los Angeles for ExTED

Here in Los Angeles for ExTED.

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